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Yesterday was cool ^_^ Me Dan and chase went to Laguna hills mall to find my dress for homecoming. I tried on couple dresses .. (chase and dan were giving me scores out of 10.. lol) They both gave me 10/10 on this one dress so i decided to get it. It's little revealing on the back, but oh well =P

then we ate.. went to spectrum... looked around places and watched 'the Ring'. It was a five star. Dan and chase both were pretending as if they weren't scared. they were saying jokes and making noises in the beginning. But towards the end, Chase was constantly jumping and dan was screaming while holding on to my leg. (lol) i wasn't that scared cuz i knew the story already (i've seen the japanese version of it 3 years ago)

I think i've seen enough scary movies. the last 3 movies i've seen were scary movies.. but i know i'll be seeing ghost ship with mike ^^;; (red dragon - below - the ring - ghost ship)

my aunt is little pissed at me cuz i told her i'll be home by 10pm. i got home at 10:15pm and she's still pissed about it.
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i have the same name as you its BABYNKO i always wondered if ther was someone cool like me. I love you im so glad i found you all though ur chinese