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Hey d00ds.

Okay, I know no one updates the school message board any more, but could we please refrainf rom the quotes? Paul? SOrry,m but they really do clog up the page, and it makes it look sort of solitary. Once in a while is cool.. Maybe once a week even, but not every day.

So anyways, who saw Shakespeare last week? Favorite scene, etc? Who saw Spoon River? Sorry, I didn't... Who is going to see Our Town next week? I am, but jsut cause I"m in it. I got the part as the little kid, what else is new.

So in case you didn't know, and since I just found out like last month, let me send you along to the school's student-run web site. Here's the link, and have fun looking at the pictures. ._.;

I think Sina runs it, but I could be wrong. ::shrugs:: But he DOES have SOMETHING to do with it. :P
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