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[19 Jun 2007|05:47pm]


I am looking for a THHS school directory. The school directory lists all students' names, address, etc.

If you have one, please message me. I'm willing to pay $50 to anyone who can get me one.

Thanks in advance!
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[17 Nov 2005|11:30am]

[ mood | calm ]


I am from france and I am searching for my cousin Laure Tran also named bhe phuong( she has vietnamiese origins just like me) she used to live in California at mission viejo if anyone can help me find her again?
find her address or email or something, I know it's not that easy but internet could be a way to help me for sure.
Thanks for reading


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[29 Oct 2005|09:46pm]

I am stuck in a bit of a bind. I am a community college student with about a 3.7 GPA, I am also one of the first people in my family to actually go beyond just community college. I am very active in clubs at school, I do a lot of volunteering work, etc.

I am going to try and transfer to a UC school here in Southern CA – the deadline is Nov 30.
I have most of the paper work for my requirements and transfer in order, but I am having a major problem getting any help or direction on my personal statement.

At this point I can either transfer as a History or Political Science major, I have enough units and requirements for both. The thing is that I have been trying to get some direction from counselors at school, but the community college that I go to pretty much sucks. Nobody is really helping me besides telling me to “answer the question” and “write about yourself” – our school used to have a transfer center, but it was shut down due to budgetary reasons.

So I am here asking you all for some help. Would any of you know of any good sites regarding personal statement samples for History and Political science majors seeking admission to a UC school – or any type of four year university?

I really don’t want to copy anyone’s work, I just need to read something else and see what they are actually looking for, what’s going to give me that edge? I have absolutely no direction.
Thanks a lot for the help
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Escape! [29 Apr 2004|03:18am]

Trabuco Hills High School was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me! Hooray!
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[24 Oct 2003|03:06pm]

Hello, all!

Who went to see the coming back of Comedy Sportz last night?

Hehehe, wasn't it AWESOME!!

And I haven't updated in a while, so I will also mention how great the 13th Mirrors show was.

Opinions anyone?
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[10 Sep 2003|09:08pm]

Erg. Everyone needs to write in here more. Come on, people, let's try to make this community interesting!!!... Please?

All of my classes excluding science seem great so far, and in science the subject is fun while the teacher... Bleh, the teacher, I don't even want to talk about him this year.

4/5 of my teachers are men this year. It's different. Never had a male majority teaching me before. Good to see the stereotypes not holding out so well, no?

I wonder about psychology, because I want to do like an experiment for a personal reaction. Not some research paper, I want to study people around school and write something up about the school's social hierarchy. 'Twould be fun!!!

Anyway. So what's up THHS students? Write up!
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Meh, I might as well join. [06 Sep 2003|03:26pm]
Hello, all. This is Kyle Littler, junior, acquaintance/friend of some of you.

So... parking is hell, eh? I've had to go deep into the neighborhood by the school to find space. Hopefully I'll be a winner of the junior parking permit raffle.
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SCREEEEEECCCHHHHHH!!!!! [04 Sep 2003|06:05am]

The sound of summer grinding to a halt.

Have fun on your first day, everyone! Or, at least try!
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[29 Aug 2003|10:39pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hey guys.. what is everyones schedule for next year?

Mine's something like this, unless of course it changes on the 1st day:

1. Amer. Govt. - Erskine
2. English 4 - Spangler
3. Psych 2 AP/IB - Beider
4. Health - Coghill
5. Algebra 2 - Wormmeester
7. Drama 4

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[03 Aug 2003|08:50pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

And... For me, it's here. Senior year. Scary. Anyone else have any anxiety or excitement over this upcoming school year? I'm terrified! Especially because my parents keep talking like I'm going to have to either fend for myself the minute senior year ends or move with them to the middle of nowhere (haha with Courage, the Cowardly Dog!!).

Oh, and I'm not a stranger here, I was dolphingirllm, and wanted to change my username.

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[05 May 2003|07:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi, I'm new to this community, so I thought I'd say hi. A few of you definately know me either as:

The Dolphingirl.
The girl that dates that guy with the long hair, or, if your anime,
that girl that hangs out with Jesus (making fun of him for his long hair).

I'm SO glad that school's almost out. :-D

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[04 Jan 2003|12:45am]

Alright folks, I have quite a dilemna on my hands right now.. There is this dress, and I need it.. now.. you all are thinking.. you dont NEED anything.. but yes.. I need this dress.. the only problem is.. I have.. a month and 5 days to come up with $227 for the dress.. plus money for shoes, jacket, accessories, and the ticket for Winter Formal.. I have the date, but thats about all.. or I need pictures too.. so here is my absolutely PATHETIC attempt to get money.. if you want to send me some money.. feel free to do so.. even if it is $0.01.. any amount helps.. e-mail me at lovemealways42@hotmail.com or IM me at Kimbttrfly for my address.. also, I guarantee if you "lend" me this money, I will send you something wonderful in return when I get money from my paycheck of the job I will be getting soon.. but for now.. even if you send me loose change, I will send you a little something in return..

ALSO!!! I will be selling little goodie bags for
$1.00 + postage stamp
$5.00 + 2 postage stamps

if you would like to purchase one of these to help my fund.. the goodie bags will contain jewelry, stickers, tapes, stuffed animals, make-up, books, clothes etc.. just cute random things.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me.. this is the dress I want

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shopping [19 Oct 2002|12:15pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Yesterday was cool ^_^ Me Dan and chase went to Laguna hills mall to find my dress for homecoming. I tried on couple dresses .. (chase and dan were giving me scores out of 10.. lol) They both gave me 10/10 on this one dress so i decided to get it. It's little revealing on the back, but oh well =P

then we ate.. went to spectrum... looked around places and watched 'the Ring'. It was a five star. Dan and chase both were pretending as if they weren't scared. they were saying jokes and making noises in the beginning. But towards the end, Chase was constantly jumping and dan was screaming while holding on to my leg. (lol) i wasn't that scared cuz i knew the story already (i've seen the japanese version of it 3 years ago)

I think i've seen enough scary movies. the last 3 movies i've seen were scary movies.. but i know i'll be seeing ghost ship with mike ^^;; (red dragon - below - the ring - ghost ship)

my aunt is little pissed at me cuz i told her i'll be home by 10pm. i got home at 10:15pm and she's still pissed about it.

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[10 Oct 2002|11:39am]

OI well since its half day and everyone is doing their own thing i think I'll head over to nickel nickel and play some ddr cause i haven't played in awhile.....yeah werd 2 the maxors....

=P out yo!
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Whee! [17 Jun 2002|07:41am]

[ mood | giddy ]

School's almost over! Discuss.

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Hey d00ds. [01 Jun 2002|08:17am]

[ mood | awake ]

Okay, I know no one updates the school message board any more, but could we please refrainf rom the quotes? Paul? SOrry,m but they really do clog up the page, and it makes it look sort of solitary. Once in a while is cool.. Maybe once a week even, but not every day.

So anyways, who saw Shakespeare last week? Favorite scene, etc? Who saw Spoon River? Sorry, I didn't... Who is going to see Our Town next week? I am, but jsut cause I"m in it. I got the part as the little kid, what else is new.

So in case you didn't know, and since I just found out like last month, let me send you along to the school's student-run web site. Here's the link, and have fun looking at the pictures. ._.;


I think Sina runs it, but I could be wrong. ::shrugs:: But he DOES have SOMETHING to do with it. :P

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[31 May 2002|01:18pm]

hmm I'm not sure if I put this one up yet well here goes

" Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient promises " - Samuel Butler.
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quote [29 May 2002|01:22pm]

here's one!!!!!!

"Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom" - Bertant Russel
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quote for today [28 May 2002|01:12pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

"to become educated is to move from cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty." - anonymous

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quote for today [25 May 2002|09:09pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

"The greatest test of courage in life is to go through it without getting discouraged..." - anonymous

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